Vow Renewal Update

Since we have been here in England, we have got lots done for this. First, we ordered my new wedding ring. We should get that before we leave Tewkesbury. Dave has chosen the shirts for the men and has bought himself a new pair of shoes for the occasion. I too have managed to get some shoes and a foundation garment which leaves me feeling like a sausage which has been squeezed into its skin. Two month after we get home in which to seriously lose some weight before we are off on our cruise.

We have also got all the gifts for bridesmaids etc. Invitations are here with us, all finished ( I will post photos when they have all been posted , which will be the end of the month, just before we leave this country)

Just need a hat, headdress, fascinator or whatever for myself and then when we get home I seriously need to get on with making some more flowers. We have an appointment to see the vicar on 14th November. Time seems to be flying by now and it is all coming together nicely.

Birth and Death

For a few days we had a baby dove who was not right. To start with, it was on the floor and couldn’t get back up to its ledge. I emailed Christine and she told me to pick it up and put it back on the ledge. I did this 3 times but each time, the next time I went in, it was back on the floor again. It beats me how it managed to get down there as , in the end it barely had the strength to lift its head up. I suspect that when it first fell or flew to the floor, the mother stopped feeding it. anyway, the day before yesterday I found that it had died. The same day, I realised that one of the two birds that were sitting on eggs had abandoned the eggs. This morning though I went in and found egg shells on the floor. I thought they had thrown the abandoned ones out but no, the other bird who was sitting on eggs, was now sitting on two newly hatched chicks.  I got a perfect view of them but of course, I didnt have my camera with me at the time. Tonight, she obliged by revealing them again for a few seconds but not as good a view as I got earlier. I will keep taking photos of them as and when I can.

First 10 days in Tewkesbury continued


The people who’s pets we are looking after set off on their holiday in the early hours of the morning so we were on our own. In the afternoon, Dave was walking round the garden at the back of the house, looking up at the apples on the tree and missed a step. He fell flat on his face, and of course, he put his hand out to save himself. I wasnt around so he got himself up and round to the front again nursing a very painful thumb. It very quickly swelled up and throbbed all night but being a man, he wouldn’t go straight to the hospital, preferring to anaesthetise it with half a bottle of wine. Next morning we went to the hospital and he had x-rays. They didn’t show up anything broken but they suspected that he had broken a small bone between his thumb and index finger and said it doesn’t always show up straight away due to the swelling. He was sent off with a splint on it and he has to go back on Monday for more x-rays. Since then it continues to give him a lot of pain but he is managing ok, even driving as it is his left hand and he is right handed.

In the afternoon we walked into town, which is a mile and a half at least each way. We went for a look around Tewkesbury Abbey.




Next day we went into Gloucester and did some shopping, and then stayed in for a couple of days because it was raining. This week we have been into town shopping, been back to Gloucester to pick up some things that we had ordered. On Wednesday we went to The Brecon Beacons steam mountain railway. We found it a little disappointing as most of the lovely views were obscured by trees , but here are some of the photos that I took.

Yesterday morning we went to Toddington Steam railway but not on a train, just to have a look.

From there we went on to Stratford upon Avon, where we saw the birthplace of William Shakespeare and also did some shopping

We saw this bike on the pavement outside of a shop.  Shakespeares birthplace.

First 10 days of Our stay in Tewkesbury

I am afraid I have been rather lax about writing my blog since we set off on our travels so now it is time to bring you all up to date.

27th August

We left home at 7am to start our long drive through Spain. We watched the sun come up over Valencia.


As we headed towards the Pyranees, we drove through “jamon” country, where they breed the pigs to make the cured hams that are so popular in Spain. This area is very high up, 1,000 metres, and is dry and flat.


As we get closer to The Pyranees, the terrain changes and the earth becomes and vivid rust colour.


As we get towards the foothills of the mountains, it becomes greener and as this is the first time we have done this route in August, we saw the mountains in different hues to those which we have seen before.

Some of the mountains appeared like slate on the top, whereas they have always been snow capped when we have seen them before.

We drove 510 miles in total that day, stopped 4 times for short breaks and arrived in St Paul le Dax at 6pm for our overnight stay.

Our hotel was alongisde the beautiful Lac De Cristoff, so we stretched our legs by walking all round the lake before we turned in for the night.

August 28th

Today we set off much later , at 9.30am as we didnt have such a long drive. We stayed overnight with our friend, Jane,in Brittany, whose animals we looked after last year and will be looking after again in October.


August 29th

An even shorter journey today, just two and a half hours , so we left at lunchtime and headed for Ouisterham, near Caen, for an overnight stop before out early morning ferry crossing to Portsmouth.

August 30th 

We arrived in Tewkesbury around 6 pm and were taken out for a meal by the people whos  pets we were looking after. The following day we were shown around the house and garden and told what we would have to do for the cat and doves. Nothing too strenuous I might add. The cat, A pedigree silver tabby is gorgeous and really easy to look after. The doves more or less look after themselves.

August Pinchicks Challenge

As we have had an extra busy month what with family visiting and then getting ready to drive back to England, for this months challenge I chose a project which I had started previously but not finished in time for last month. You will find the pattern for this set on my pinterest page under knitting patterns.

The pattern is for cotton d/k but I used some ordinary d/k that I had in.I knitted the jacket first, but in moments when I got fed up with the intarsia, I knitted the “trainers” and hat. I then decided ( as you do) to start on the trousers and work on those as well as the jacket. Hence, the jacket seemed to take forever. On the pattern , the jacket had checkered sleeverstoo but by the time I got to the sleeves, I could see that I wouldnt have enough of the gold to complete them, so I decided to do them in plain white  – what is your opinion?


This little set is for our new great grandson, Harvey, who is due to be born in November. Yesterday, Jessica went for a 4d scan and I thought you might like to see some of the images.

Update on the shawl from last month. The first half is finished and crocheted together and on the drive over here I knitted another 3 triangles so just 5 more and the edging to go. We will see Jess in about 5 weeks time so I have to have it finished by then.


Here are links to the blogs of the other ladies who take part in the pinchicks challenge.






Time to Say Goodbye

All too soon it was time for Martyn. Sam and the children to leave. We took consolation in the fact that we will be seeing them again when we are over in england but parting is never easy.


This is the last photo I took of all the children together

The next day, we dropped Rebbecca and Joshua off at Terra Mitica theme park for the day and we took Kacia into Benidorm where she enjoyed doing her present shopping. She was a little angel and walked around the shops for 5 hours without a word of complaint. Whilst we were there we also managed to get the rest of the bridesmaids dresses. Kacia loved hers so much that she didnt want to take it off.

Family Times

I’ve been absent on here because we have had the family here to stay with us. First eldest son, Martyn , his lovely wife Sam and their adorable children, Oliver, Michaela and Francesca arrived  on the Saturday evening after driving here from Barcelona. Then on the Wednesday night, daughter, Rebbecca and her children, Joshua and Kacia arrived. It was a fun filled chaotic couple of weeks for us and very enjoyable. Here are some of the many photos that I took.

These were taken before Rebbecca arrived.Here are my two favourites from that night.



On the Friday we had a really full day out. We first went to Benidorm, looking for bridesmaids dresses ( unsuccessfully) , then to the Park of Palms in Alicante and finally we enjoyed the cool of the evening on the beach for an hour.

we had a fish foot spa in Benidorm

We all enjoyed doing different things in The Park of Palms

I was taking photographs

Then we had fun on the beach