My Latest Project

I had the patterns for these for a long time and did one of them but not the other two. I have a three tiered pedestal in my hall and wanted to utilise it for these books. This week I did the folds and actually got the books covered and decorated.


Here is how they look on the stand


July Pinchicks Challenge

I must confess that I have been working on this for t he past 2 months and I am likely t0 be working on it for the next 2 months, so it is a work in progress, which I will keep you updated on.

As most of you will know, we have a new great grandson due in November and I promised my granddaughter, Jessica that I would knit him a shawl. I decided to look on pinterest for ideas and bought a pattern from Ravelry which I saw on pinterest.I have knitted many shawls before and never done anything thicker than 4 ply but as this is a winter baby, in England, I decided to do one in double knit as he would need the extra warmth.

The pattern is so easy. you start with one stitch into which you knit, purl and knit. You then increase on every row by starting with the yarn forward, thus making a loose stitch. The first part of the pattern forms a leaf


and the complete pattern ends up as a large triangle. Four triangles, crocheted together make a square and for the shawl, four squares are required. You then knit a fancy edging to go around the whole thing. At the moment I have half of the shawl completed and joined together.


It will be slow progress over the next couple of weeks as the family are coming to stay but after that we travel back to England and I always knit in the car so I will give updates as to how it is coming on and show a photograph when it is finished.

I must add though, for anyone who has never knitted a shawl before or who maybe feels daunted by the task, this is a really easy one to start  with.

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Suzannes Cards

Catching Up


I am getting very lax here but in my defence we have had a lot going on for the last couple of weeks. First we went house and pet sitting for a friend who lives close to where we used to live. It was convenient for us as we both had doctor and hospital appointments so it cut out a lot of the travelling. These are the pets that we looked after.


They are, top left, Chippy, bottom left, Tara and the parrot is Coco.

The dogs were very well behaved and the parrot was entertaining as it barked like a dog and mimicked its owners smokers cough.

I went to the hospital for skin tests and had 20 pinpricks on my for arm, each with a different serum on. After 10 minutes they measured the reactions to them and then the doctor told me that I was allergic to – wait for it – POLLEN, now wouldnt you have guessed I already knew that? She gave me a paper with a list of what I was allergic to and although I wasnt able to translate everything, the ones I was were: grass pollen, palm trees, pine trees, olive trees, banana plants, plantain and cat and dog hair. To be honest , I have spent a lot of time around animals and have never had a problem so I am ignoring that one.


This was my arm later that day.Very itchy!

Then we both had appointments with the doctor. I was put on extra tablets at night for the hay fever but they made me feel so ill that I stopped taking them after 3 days. I was also given a cortisone inhaler for a month but that gives me awful night cramps in my feet and legs, but |I am putting up with it for as long as I can.

Dave has another suspect patch come up, this time on his back , so it is back to the dermatologist we go again tomorrow as she thinks it looks like skin cancer again.

This week we have been very busy getting ready for our family coming next week.

I have, however, managed to finish the invitations for our vow renewal and made the other 3 wrist corsages. Now it is back to making flowers as I am going to need a lot more for my flowers, buttonholes and table decorations.

Just finished decorating a book fold that I did ages ago. There are 3 that I want to do that go together and I will put them on a triple pedestal that is in my hall. They will read

Live, Laugh, Love




Last Sunday we went to Benidorm for a few days. It is only an hours drive from here so we were there by lunchtime and we were able to get into out apartment straight away, which was a bonus. Here is a photo that I took of a coastal scene on the way.


And this is our first glimpse of the Benidorm skyline


The apartment was quite adequate for the two of us. Far from glamourous , but perfectly fine for a base. However, although it was conveniently central for everything, this meant that it was extremely noisy. It was located right in with all the bars and nightclubs and the noise went on throughout the night. On Tuesday morning it was 7.30am before it started to quieten down and by that time we were up. Despite this though, we had a really good time. As was our intention, we did lots of walking, browsed the shops and markets and also went to the Benidorm Palace as they have a new show on.


The place, as usual, was full of hen and stag parties an this was one such hen party that was staying in the apartment block next to ours.


Levante Beach

On Tuesday morning , after going round the shops, we went for a fish foot spa

The fish definately preferred my right foot to the left one.

As we left there on Wednesday morning, we headed for Terra Natura Animal Park.


The Reptile House




Birds of Prey


The Rhinos were feeling a little frisky


We all had a bit of a chuckle when one lady turned to her son , who must have been about 12, and said, she is giving him a piggy back – to which he promptly replied, no she isnt they are humping.

Some of the beautiful flora and fauna

By the time we arrived home on Wednesday evening we were both exhausted, but we had a great time. Hope you enjoyed the photos.

June Pinchicks Challenge

As I had a get well card to make, I decided to get some idea from Pinterest and use something for my pinchicks challenge this month.  I found a pattern for a stitched card that I liked, printed it off and pricked it out using my makeshift pricking tool as mine has broken and I havent replaced it yet.


I then used metalic threads throughout. As the pattern didnt give any instructions I worked out my own.I did the outer pattern  in gold using 1-5 and the pink 1-3



For the green I also used 1-3 and I used a white shimmery thread for the spray effects in-between.



I worked the central design in gold

My original idea was to neatly matt and layer it onto a gold background and mount the whole thing onto a square green card blank, but this is where the idea came unstuck.

I didnt measure  the design or the card first and once the stitching was completed I found that it was too big to be able to matt and layer it as I had planned. I had cut out the gold to fit the card, but the design was too big. As I had spent all that time stitching it I decided to cut around the design instead, but I am not happy with the results. However, I pressed on and mounted it onto the card.

I then decided instead of stitching beads where the 3 holes are, I used self adhesive, flat backed pearls over them. I added pale pink flat backed pearls at the base of each white spray and completed it with a large pink gen in the centre.

In an effort to try and improve and  neaten the look of the card, I edged the gold matting with glittery edging strip but I am really not happy with the finished card. However , I dindt have time to have a second attempt so here it is.IMG_6850


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I’ve Only Done It Again!

This week I have got joint first place in an online photo competition with this photograph


The theme was Fathers and Grandfathers , this photo is of father and sons on a very wet day in Plymouth last year

The next day, I learned that I had been chosen as first place in another competition, with this photo


I called the picture, Cows in the Mist. The theme was black & White a. The photo was taken in Brittany, France