50 Golden Years

It is a week since our wedding anniversary but this is the week end that we planned to celebrate. After a comfortable night at the hotel, we left for Dave to drop me at the hairdressers. I had planned to go alone but he wanted to take me and said he would park close by and sit and read the paper – I later learned that he wanted to sit and make a list of things which he wanted to say in his speech. The plan was that I would ring him when I got out and he would drive round and pick me up. I was out  within half an hour and tried to ring him but it wouldnt connect. I tried several times to no avail, so I rang Rebbecca and Martyn, neither of them could connect with him either. Now, if he had told me where he intended going to park up, I would have just walked round to him, but I had no idea. I started walking and thankfully, met him walking in the opposite direction. It seems, the taxi driver had rung him to confirm details for that evening, which was why no one could get hold of him.

We went to pick up a couple of thank you cards and then straight back to the hotel, where Dave wanted to start getting ready as he had intended being the first at the venue. He jumped into the shower, only to find that there was no water!!! I went down to reception to report it but they said that the hotel had a problem, there was no water at the hotel and the plumber was trying to fix it, he would be 20 – 30 minutes. 15 minutes later, Dave was getting increasingly more frustrated, so he rang reception. The answer was still the same 20 – 30 minutes. He went mad! He said that wasn’t good enough, it was a special celebration which started at 2pm and he needed a shower – they apologised, to which he replied, I dont want sorry I want a shower. 2 minutes later, the water came back on. Panic over thank goodness, could have been a bit of a smelly vow renewal.

Rebbecca was running late, which set Martyn back so he was late coming for me at the hotel. I left the room and went to reception to wait for him there. The ” photographer ” was waiting in the foyer and my ” chauffeur” was outside. I was immediately  required to have photographs taken




No, I dont play the piano, it was just set up to look good.

When Martyn arrived, we set off for Villa Salada, fashi

I was greeted by a few people who were waiting to take photographs and the bridesmaids and ushers, whilst I had been having phtotgraphs taken at the hotel, some of our guests had been arriving.

Also, the bridesmaids

After kisses from Francesca and the boys I finally got in and announced that I wasnt going anywhere until I had had a cold drink, a glass of tonic water was produced


Once refreshed, it was time for the grand entrance.


First the ushers, Oliver, Joshua and Diego ( from left to right)


Here we are all lined up and ready to go


Then bridesmaids Kacia and Michaela

IMG_9071Francesca in the front then Rebbecca and Samantha, dont they all look beautiful?


Finally, the proud moment as I was escorted in by eldest son, Martyn.

The music being played was You’re Still The One by Shania Twain


So many people who werent able to attend , have expressed a desire to see the service as it was so I will attempt to write it down here just as it went on the day, accompanied by relevant photographs

As Martyn and I made our entrance, everyone stood. It felt so different to 50 years ago when I was so very nervous, this time I was completely relaxed and was able to savour every moment.

A warm welcome to you all today; a special day, in a special place, surrounded by family and friends, which makes it even more special. Today is a very personal journey and I know that Margaret & David would like to say a heartfelt thank you  to those of you who have travelled fromthe UK, Canada and Tenerife. Also to the many friends, old and new, that they have made since moving over to Spain, who are here today. This is the day when Mararet & David have pledged to renew their marriage vows before all of you.
I know that over the past 50 yeas, Margaret & David have travelled extensively, however, Spain is a special place for them having lived here for almost 14 years and it seemed so right to celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary here, where they have found happiness, enjoyment and peace.
Today , we have come together to witness the fact that real love, true love is something sure and powerful and that it canendure the challenges of life and withstand the tests of time.
Margaret & David,  50 years ago on April 1st 1967, you took your marriage vows and though many things may have changed in your lives since then, one thing remains constant – your love.
When you married, you promised to love, honour and obey each other whether you were rich or poor. You promised to love each other in sickness and in health. Probably, like most people, you have had  your share of all these times, but your love has grown and matured into the wonderful relationship we see today. Now , you have come here to recommit yourselves to each other and to those promises you made over 50 years ago.


Love is giving, not taking, mending , not breaking,
Trusting, believing, never deceiving,
Patiently bearing, and faithfully sharing,
Each joy and sorrow, today and tomorrow
Love is kind, understanding, but never demanding.
Love is constant, prevailing, it’s strength never failing,
A promise once spoken, for all time unbroken,
Love’s time is forever.
During these 50 years together, you have lived inLaceby, Sax, Los Montesinos and now Petrer, but you still retain your close connections to Lincolnshire where you lived when you had your late daughter, Sarah – Louise, sons Martyn and Matthew and daughter Rebbecca. Your children have in turn, given you your grandchildren: Paul, Adam, Dylan, Jessica, Danielle, Nikki, Stephanie, Coley, Diego, Oliver, Maya, Joshua, Kacia, Michaela, Francesca and several great grandchildren. I know how proud you are of the achievements of your family who have excelled academically, musically and in sport and languages.
It is fitting at this point that we make a special mention of your firstborn daughter, Sarah – Louise who sadly passed away before her 16th birthday. Also of Dave’s parents, Jane and Cyril and Margarets, Clarice and Norman. I know that you are thinking of them as you celebrate today.


50TH ANNIVERSARY PRAYER   read by Samantha  Swaby
Dear Lord, these two have been as one
Through times of trial and times of fun
50 years as man and wife
They’ve built a home, a love, a life.
Please bless them in the times ahead
With love as strong as when they wed
We pray their love will always hold
A solid bond, as good as gold.


Couples who decide to renew their vows have lots of life’s experience under their belts. They have been on the journey of life together and as Margaret & David look forward to the rest of their lives, today is the beginning of the next chapter.
Margaret I love you. You have brought joy into my  life. Thank you for loving me as I amand aking me into your heart. I vow to return your love in full as we continue to grow together as husband amd wife. Through all the changes of our lives I promise to be there for you today and always
David .I love you. You have brought joy into my  life. Thank you for loving me as I amand aking me into your heart. I vow to return your love in full as we continue to grow together as husband amd wife. Through all the changes of our lives I promise to be there for you today and always


This is a solumn part  of todays ceremony, but before we go into that I have a story to share with you as Margaret has quite a history with wedding bands!!!
When David first placed the wedding band on Margaret’s finger I’m sure he thought it was forever. However, it didn’t turn out quite like that. Margaret’s first wedding band disappeared down the toilet courtesy of Matthew when he was going through the throwing everything down the loo stage. This band was eventually replace by another but it wasnt of the same quality of the first one. This one was replaced on the occasion of their 40th wedding anniversary,( ring number 3 for those of you who are counting) but to Margaret, it never had the same sentimental meaning. Today, this band represents the band of renewal, celebrating your commitment to each other for the joyous years yet to come. Your past and your future are as an unbroken circle, like this ring, symbolising the memory of all your yesterdays and the hope for all of your tomorrows.
To be said by David

Margaret you are more precious to me today than yesterday and you will be more cherished tomorrow than you are today. Please wear this ring as a symbol of my love for you as we look forward to all of our tomorrows together.



READING – Excerpt from Winnie the Pooh, by Kacia Hurley and Michaela Swaby
Michaela:   Forever and ever is a very long time.
Kacia:   Forever isn’t very long at all when I’m with you
Michaela:   I want to call your name… forever
And you will always answer forever
And both of us will be
Forever you and me.
Both:   Forever and ever
Kacia:   I want to stay like this forever
If only I could promise forever
Then we could just be we
Forever you and me
Both:  Forever and ever
Michaela:  I want to be with you forever
I want you right here beside me forever
Kacia:   One thing I want you to know, No matter where go.
We will always be together
Both:   Forever and ever



Signing of the vow renewal certificate

The music being played in the background was Golden by Sir Cliff Richard

 David and Margaret you stand together after 50 years of marriage and we all see a love that is priceless. Your example has renewed our faith in the strength of hope and the power of love. Because you have now recommitted yourselves to each other and to the institution we call marriage, I now bestow upon you once again, the most honourable titles of husband and wife.

David …   you may now kiss your wife.  

The music for us to walk out to was My Endless Love by Lionel RIchie and Diana Ross



The celebrant who conducted the ceremony was the lovely Lynda Gibson of Torrevieja

Then it was time for some photographs


This was us with all of our guests


Than we attempted to get all our guests into a heart shape

There were a few laughs

Some special moments






And grandchildren


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  1. MrsCraft says:

    How lovely, magical moments and lots of lovely memories made.

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