Petrer Moors & Christians Parade

Last week was the annual moors and Christians fiesta in the town in which we live. This is a huge event in the Spanish calendar and in this area, which is known for its castles, which were , of course,  built for fortification against the attacks of the moors, every town holds its own moors and Christians fiesta. It is celebrated on or around the saints day of each town. Petrers’ patron saint is St. Bonifaci the maryr and our fiesta is held the second week in May. There are events, parades and battle re-enactments going on throughout the week but at the week end, there are 2 huge parades. The first starts at 11.30 a.m. on Saturday and the second, at 5.30 p.m. on Sunday. The parades are the same in that it is the same people in it , wearing the same costumes the difference is that Sundays parade is the reverse of Saturdays. So, on Saturday,  the Christians lead the parade, followed by the moors. This is to represent the moors attacking and driving the Christians into the town. The mood of this parade is slightly more sombre. On Sunday the parade is led by the Moors and the Christias follow, to represent the Christians winning the battle and driving the moors out of town. Obvioudsly the mood in this parade is very different, very happy and upbeat.

Each town insists that its parade is the best.We are assured by everyone that the best of all is in Alcoy, which we havent yet been to , but in our opinion, the one at Petrer takes a lot of beating and we have seen quite a few in different places. This parade on Saturday took three and a half hours to pass. The Costumes are outstanding, and as elaborate at the back as at the front.

I will put a lot of the photographs on and let you judge for yourselves.


As you can see, all ages of people take part from the youngest babies to the older people who still enter into the spirit of it as it is such an intrinsic part of their culture.

Bands from all the towns around here and some from as far away as Alicante and Valencia come to play and offer their support



There is some very elaborate headgear

Some of the costumes are so elaborate that it is impossible to make out who the people are underneath

So much detail


Most people walk but some of the captains and their ladies

Others are transported

Even those who are not taking part, like to get involved

A truly fantastic parade and well worth seeing


One thought on “Petrer Moors & Christians Parade

  1. What wonderful parade, I see there was some representing the Knights of St. John’s, They seem to have been all over the Mediterranean and they built many castles and strong holds against many invading African and Asian armies.
    I love the outfits and colour of the parade. Really worth a visit just for the parade,

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